Our Services

OddAudio's shop rate is 75$CAD per hour plus GST with a 1 hour minimum diagnostic charge. 

All parts are sourced from reputable Canadian suppliers with fast turnarounds, sold to you at our cost. 

We encourage full rebuilds (replacement of all electrolytic, paper, wax, and tantalum capacitors, and selected transistors and diodes where applicable) of all vintage equipment to ensure optimum results, performance and reliability. Typical price estimates are provided below.

As a rule we only use: 

Nichicon, Elna and Kemet audio grade electrolytic capacitors, with boutique audiophile caps available upon request

Kemet, Wima, Illinois, Panasonic and Vishay film capacitors 

Yageo, Stackpole, and Vishay Dale metal film resistors 

Toshiba, Sanyo, Fairchild/OnSemi, and Texas Instruments semiconductors 

However we can easily accommodate special requests for alternative parts according to your desires and your budget.

Typical turnaround for a standard job is 1 to 2 weeks, with parts arriving 1-3 business days after ordering. Payment is due upfront for all parts orders with labour charges due upon completion of work. Turnaround for custom work or for jobs requiring specialized/NOS/backordered components may be longer. All completed work is warrantied for 60 days after pickup.

Note that we do not fix multichannel home theatre receivers (E.G. 5.1, 7.1 etc surround sound amplifiers) due to their extreme complexity, poor quality, and the expense required to repair them - sorry to say you are almost always better off buying a replacement! We also do not touch anything digital (E.G. CD players, DACs), only analog components. We also do not work on reel to reel tape decks, please contact https://reeltoreeltech.com/ for any R2R repairs.

If in doubt, call us to ask.

Typical service costs:

Solid state receiver/amplifier/preamp basic service and alignment: 2 hours labour.

Solid state integrated amplifiers/receivers recap: 150-250$ in parts, 4-8 hours labour.

Solid state power amplifiers recap: 100-250$ parts, 4-8 hours labour.

Solid state preamps recap: 75-150$ parts, 3-6 hours labour.

Tuners recap: 75-100$ parts, 2-4 hours labour.

Cassette deck belt replacement: 50-75$ parts, 3-6 hours labour.

Turntables: 2 hour for basic service and cartridge installation/setup/alignment, 3-4 hours for automatic mechanism overhaul, cleaning and lubrication.

Vacuum tube components: to be determined based upon complexity and design.

Call or text us at 1.825.437.1455 to discuss and get a detailed quote.